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TIMECAPCELL is a reflection of my fascination with time and the interconnectedness of past, present, and future. I am fascinated by the ways in which we construct our own narratives and how our perceptions of the past can shape our present and future. My work in this era is a fusion of abstract, figurative, design, and poetic elements, with a focus on exploring the concept of time through color and texture. I aim to create pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to embrace change and embrace new ideas, to understand that the future is not something to fear, but something to embrace with curiosity and an open mind.

The Paintman Drips

THE PAINTMAN DRIPS era marked a significant departure from my earlier work, as I began to experiment with new materials and techniques to create a more playful and vibrant aesthetic. This period was characterized by bold splashes of color, dynamic lines, and a sense of frenetic energy. In a world that often values popularity over authenticity, I strive to create work that is true to my own vision and perspective. My creative process is unpredictable, so I'm learning to respect my own mind as an artist and evolve organically. I choose not to be confined to black or white in a grey world. The pieces I create in this era are designed to provoke thought and stimulate conversation, challenging viewers to question their own assumptions and beliefs. 

Nsyde Out

NSYDE OUT is an art initiative that reflects my belief in the transformative power of art. As a self-taught artist, I am inspired by the infinite possibilities of creative expression, and I strive to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. My work in the Nsyde Out era is characterized by a blend of abstract and distorted realism, and I am fascinated by the emotional and psychological impact of color, form, and texture. Each piece is a collaboration with the viewer, inviting them to explore their own interpretation of the subject matter. Through Nsyde Out, I aim to create art that resonates with people on a deeper level, tapping into their subconscious and challenging them to see the world in a new way. 

Artist J. Taylor


J. Taylor is a contemporary artist currently based in Dallas Texas who is passionate about creating art that inspires the future. He is driven by his artistic gifts and puts a great deal of effort into the creative process. He believes that art has the power to reflect and change the world at the same time. Taylor studied Art and Design at California State University Los Angeles and has been a full-time independent artist for over a decade.

In order to maintain his creative energy and continually explore new ideas, Taylor reinvents himself every seven years. He has reinvented himself three times, each era representing a distinct phase in his artistic evolution. Taylor is committed to personal growth and honesty in his work, and strives to find understanding rather than pass judgment on his subjects. 

In his work, Taylor experiments with a range of creative disciplines and materials, including acrylic and oil paint, textiles, and photography. He is particularly interested in color, shape, and form, and pays close attention to the way objects take up space. He draws inspiration from a variety of sources and is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and explore new ideas.

For Taylor, the value of art lies in its ability to tell real stories and reflect the collective emotion of society. J. Taylor is committed to creating work that is true to himself and has historical merit. He believes that his art has the power to change the world and is driven by a desire to make a difference through his creative expression.





“EVOLVE” - Janette Kennedy Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2018.


“THOUGHT” - Janette Kennedy Gallery- (Dallas, TX) 2018. 


“LEVEL” - Cliff Gallery, Mountain View College - (Dallas, TX) 2017.


“Grey Area” - Janette Kennedy Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2016.


“Grey Area Level Seven” - Janette Kennedy Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2014.  


“It's A Matter Of Taste” - Papillion Gallery - (Los Angeles, CA) 2012.


“Forever Young” - Papillion Gallery - (Los Angeles, CA) 2011.


“Emotions Of A King” - Back Space Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“Silent Treatment” - Koffee Day Spa - (Dallas, TX) 2009.


“Hue-Man” - Swirll Wine Bar - (Dallas, TX) 2009.


“Living Room Exhibit #2” - W Hotel - (New Orleans, LA) 2009.


“The Soul of Essence” - NV Lounge - (New Orleans, LA) 2009.


“Living Room Exhibit #1” - W Hotel - (New Orleans, LA) 2009.


“Color Is King” - Home Show - (Dallas, TX) 2008.


“Mission Statement” - Essence Festival, NV Lounge - (New Orleans, LA) 2008.




”Collaboration” - The Gallery At The Fairmont - (Dallas, TX) 2015.


“Lamar Street Festival” - South Side On Lamar - (Dallas, TX) 2013.


“Open Studio Tour” - Cedars Art District - (Dallas, TX) 2012.


“Celebration Of The Arts” - Omni Hotel - (Dallas, TX) 2012.


“Cirque De La Musique” - Gallery At Midtown - (Dallas, TX) 2012.


“More Than Words” - Ilume Gallerie - (Dallas TX) 2011.


“Twenty” - Fusion Home Fashion - (Dallas, TX) 2011.


“Art of Skateboarding” - South Side Lamar - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“PINK” - Rising Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“Gala and Silent Auction” - African  American Museum - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“I Am Here” - South Side Lamar - (Dallas TX) 2009.


“D Mag Art Slam” - Fashion Industry Gallery - (Dallas TX) 2009.






“The Spread Love Experiment #1” - (International) 2015.


“The Father Project” - Janette Kennedy Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2014.


“Art + Advocacy” - Fashion Industry Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2011.


“Shooting For The Stars” - Cattle Barron’s Ball - (Dallas TX) 2011.


“Art + Advocacy” - Fashion Industry Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“Touching A Life Auction” - The National Basketball Wives Association, NBA All-Star Weekend - (Dallas, TX) 2010.


“Lobby Installation” - W Hotel - (New Orleans, LA) 2009.


“Obelisk Mural Project” - North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts - (Dallas, TX) 2008.


“20th Annual Obelisk Awards Gala” - North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts - Fashion Institute Gallery - (Dallas, TX) 2008.


“Anonymous, A Runway Exhibit of Art & Fashion” - Presented by The Anonymous Art Gallery, LFT Victory Park Plaza - (Dallas, TX) 2007.


Nsyde Out Official Launch” - Lotus - (Dallas, TX) October 7, 2007.

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