is a series of abstract art pieces created from the emotions, ideas, and thoughts of various men on fatherhood. Rather than focusing on the perspective of a son and his relationship with the parent this project explores the perspective of the father and his relationship with the child.  Too often we hear about the negative stories and the impact broken relationships leave on children. The fact of the matter is that there are various reasons for failed results oftentimes out of the father’s control. It’s time to hear the duality of those situations and be inspired by the fathers that are hands-on and sacrifice for the development of their families. Fatherhood is something that should be exhibited to the world from a positive perspective to inspire individuals to be and continue to be better parents.  The process of analyzing ourselves is therapeutic and also allows us to understand others.  This conceptual body of work is a collaboration of many life experiences that are an important part of the creative process.  My mission for this project is to establish brotherhood amongst fathers through art.  I believe that by expressing the importance of fatherhood artistically, people are inspired to connect on a different level.  By building a platform that will allow many other creative’s to express the importance of fatherhood through their art forms and disciplines, a larger audience can be reached with positive messages and information.

All works © Art By J. Taylor 2019. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Artist J. Taylor.