Welcome to Grey Area - Level 7even.  Once you enter, everything you think you know will be questionable.  The current conditioning of your mind will be altered by 50 percent.  The order in which your life operates will be disoriented.  Your survival depends solely on your ability to interact with what and who you see unconditionally.  You as well as others around you may not share the same interpretation but need each other to advance to the next level.  You will experience confused emotions but not permanently. As a result, you will organically develop relationships that will elevate your creative spirit on level 7even.  Your only enemy is you.  The only rule in Grey Area is to have an open mind. Your stress level will decrease gradually over the duration of your stay.  If you have any questions,  please enter them into the queue below.  Enjoy!

Welcome To Grey Area - Level 7even - Seerie Azley
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